The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 26

With colleagues Athena Adkins and Liz Loeb

In this episode I am joined by my friends and colleagues Athena Adkins and Liz Loeb to discuss our excitement about facilitating our upcoming workshop – Facilitating Cultural Change (FCC): Leadership for Social & Systems Change. This advanced 5 day in-person institute, held in the Twin Cities, June 12 – 16, 2023, is designed for people who long to have greater impact towards cultural, systematic, and transformational change in our relationships, organizations, and communities. 

Racial Justice at Work

How a Developmental Approach Can Help You Meet People Where They Are

I was honored and privileged to be invited to discuss developmental approaches to racial justice work with the incomparable Mary Frances Winter and my colleague and good friend, Terrence Harewood. The episode is part of a series the Winter’s Group is coordinating with the release of their new anthology Racial Justice at Work. Below is a link and description of the episode from the Winter’s Group.

The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 25

Over It So Now What with Liz Loeb

Two years into the Covid pandemic, and in the context of ever escalating systemic stress on our communities, we have a wide ranging conversation about community trauma and resiliency that we decided to title “We are F…king Over It, Now What?

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

Beth Zemsky - Saying What's True to Us

Scott’s podcast called Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders  offers discussions on all things leadership, incorporating practical tips designed to help make a difference in how we lead and live. Given that the context for my work and leadership tends to be different than most of the listeners of the Phronesis podcast, Scott explicitly wanted to focus our conversation on my history as an activist and organizer to bring these perspectives to his audience.

Facing Change Building Board Diversity: Attraction

Part 1 for a series of webinars with the American Association of Museums focusing on attracting racially and ethnically diverse Board members. How do you build knowledge and interest in your organization? What has your organization done to “sell” itself to communities not currently engaged?