The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 13

Activism and Legacy with Barbara Satin and Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel

During the episode, we talk about what brought each of us to activism so many years ago, some of our earliest activist experiences, how those early experiences shaped who we are now, and our thoughts on the future of the Progressive movement. We also discuss the importance of recognizing the shoulders upon which each of us stand, carrying the mantle and memory of those we met along the way, and the process of realizing and learning to accept our eventual status as “role models” to the next generations of activists.

Building organizations in a movement moment by Beth Zemsky & David Mann

In 2003 ISAIAH was a strong faith-based organization with 75 member congregations in the Twin Cities metropolitan region and in St. Cloud, Minnesota. They saw that things were changing in the environment, opening up new possibilities for change that could address deep systemic problems impacting racial and economic justice.

The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 12

The Power of Community Spaces in Movement Building with Rox Anderson

We touch briefly on a few of the complexities surrounding the recent events involving Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar and talk about how moments like these can be leveraged by outside forces to create polarization and division between and within various marginalized communities.

The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 11

Healing Justice with Susan Raffo

This conversation with Susan about the concept, history, legacy and integration of healing justice into our social justice movements has been on my podcast bucket list for a long time. I am grateful to Susan for her work to expand the presence of healing justice in our movements and her willingness to sit down to have this conversation with me and all of you.

Building An Inclusive Culture: Spreading And Embedding An Equity Lens At The Bush Foundation

Changing organizational culture takes intention and time. At the Bush Foundation, we’ve spent the last five years creating a more inclusive culture internally so that we can be more effective externally. From the people, to the programs, to the policies and processes — we’re working to build an organizational culture that is inclusive in action, diverse in makeup and driving towards equity.

Intercultural Definitions

When we start conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion – I find that it’s really helpful that we actually define what we are talking about so that we have shared meaning among ourselves.

The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 10

Reflections on the Teachings of Rosh Hashana for Movement Builders

Ryan and I sat down to record this episode on September 11th, in the midst of the Jewish High Holidays. With this as our backdrop, we talk about the state of our democracy, our world, the challenges our communities are facing (from inside and out) and what we as individuals, who might be feeling lost in the middle of it all, can do about it.

The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 9

Narrative Strategy with Eleonore Wesserle

In this episode, I am joined by my friend and colleague, Eleonore Wesserle, to discuss how to construct powerful values focused movement building narratives. Eleonore is a communications consultant and founder of the new narrative strategy consulting practice Dreams to Power.

The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 8

An All Current Events Edition of The Beth Zemsky Podcast

In this episode, we talk about my reaction to, and analysis of, a number for current political dynamics including the assault on immigrants, asylum seekers and their children, Trump’s performance in North Korea, the trend of celebrities reinforcing polarization by responding to hate with hate, the ongoing assault on the ACA, progressive media’s obsession with the Mueller investigation at the expense of more comprehensive coverage, and more.