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Facilitating Cultural Change Spring 2022 **FULL**: Leadership for Social and System Change - Spring 2022

In this powerful leadership workshop, we will wrestle with how to build transformational systemic change efforts that are:

-based on interdependence
-strategic working across difference

Join us as we practice noticing, naming, framing and navigating across difference to create systemic transformational change we can bring to scale.

This workshop is for you if:

• You are a person who has a role (formally or informally) in facilitating dialogue within organizations or educational institutions about diversity, inclusion, and equity

• You are invested in deepening your sense of connection to yourself and the lived experience of others

• You are a leader in an organization or community navigating relationships, strategies and communication regarding change-making

• You want to learn models and skills to broaden and deepen your systemic impact

• You are a user of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) who wants to deepen your practice utilizing the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC) as a model to support facilitation and training towards racial equity.

This advanced, interactive and intensive training includes 4 online workshop sessions and 2 small group coaching opportunities that are strategically scheduled to allow time for homework and implementation of new learning between sessions.

FCC Session Schedule:
April 20 & April 22, 2022 10:00 – 4:00 pm CST each day
June 7 & June 9, 2022 10:00 – 4:00 pm CST each day

Coaching sessions will take place in May and July. The specific schedule of these sessions TBD

Attendance at all of these sessions is required for participation in Facilitating Cultural Change Spring 2022

Application for Spring FCC 2022 is limited to 30 participants.

Fee = $1750.00 USD

NEW!! Special Opportunity for individuals who have previously completed FCC**2022 Cohort is FULL**: Facilitating Cultural Change (FCC) - Communities of Practice

FCC Community of Practice groups will meet for ten (10) monthly sessions via Zoom for two (2) hours over the course of a year. In addition, 3 quarterly workshops sessions will be offered to bring all the FCC Community of Practice groups together for further advanced learning regarding leadership for social and systems change.

Each FCC Community of Practice group will have a trained facilitator who has been part of the FCC faculty. They will serve like an “orchestra conductor” – knowing when to push for deeper discussion, encouraging multiple perspectives, and making sure everyone is heard – all while ensuring the group stays focused on its goals and timelines. Facilitators will also be “operations managers” – responsible for making sure that the groups run smoothly by managing the communication for meeting times, commitments and follow ups, and bringing resources into the group sessions. Plus, all the facilitators have been “in your shoes” – they are working with and in organizations working towards transformational change.

If you are interested in joining a FCC Community of Practice group, please complete the following application. All applications will be reviewed to determine your placement within a FCC Community of Practice group that best suits your needs and goals.

Cost – $1,750 inclusive of 10 monthly sessions, 3 workshops, and access to your facilitator.

We intentionally want to foster a diverse learning community of 10 participants per FCC Community of Practice group.

Origins of FCC

In the late 1990’s, the Diversity Institute at the University of Minnesota conducted a student immersion leadership program, facilitated by Nehrwr Abdul-Wahid, called “Diversity Explorations.” Beth Zemsky soon joined the facilitation team. Together Nehrwr and Beth expanded the curriculum and the audience to include University of Minnesota students, faculty, staff, and community members who wished to build their leadership skills around diversity and inclusion. Nehrwr and Beth conducted Diversity Explorations workshops annually at the University of Minnesota, and later in community settings through the early 2000’s when Phyllis Braxton and julius erolin (both of whom had been participants in earlier Diversity Exploration workshops) joined the team.

Nehrwr, Beth, julius, and Phyllis brought their over 50 years of collective experience in working for diversity, inclusion and equity, and their commitment to learn from each other and workshop participants, to create a new design for training leaders committed to intercultural competence and social justice. Facilitating Cultural Change was born out of this collaboration. The current design of Facilitating Cultural Change owes much to the creativity, passion, commitment, compassion, wisdom, and intellectual rigor of this team.

The FCC workshop was an absolute game-changer. I learned not only that we're all on a spectrum of "intercultural competency" but also how to recognize and effectively meet where people they are. I'm so much more effective, accessible, and able to sustain the work over the long haul.

Delaney Russell, JD

Want to know more about these workshops?

Listen to Beth and colleague Phyllis discuss the January 2018 FCC workshop…

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