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  • Leadership for Social and System Change

    April 21-24, 2020 — Saint Paul, MN

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Facilitating Cultural Change: Leadership for Social and System Change

In this powerful four day leadership retreat, we will wrestle with how to build transformational systemic change efforts that are:

-based on interdependence
-strategic working across difference

Join us as we practice noticing, naming, framing and navigating across difference to create systemic transformational change we can bring to scale.
Using the Intercultural Development Continuum and insights gained from organizational development and social movement theory, together we’ll explore four important perspectives necessary for change: self-awareness, other awareness, organizational dynamics, and social movement context.

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The FCC workshop was an absolute game-changer. I learned not only that we're all on a spectrum of "intercultural competency" but also how to recognize and effectively meet where people they are. I'm so much more effective, accessible, and able to sustain the work over the long haul.

Delaney Russell, JD

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Listen to Beth and colleague Phyllis discuss the January 2018 FCC workshop…

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