The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 1

Episode One of The Beth Zemsky Podcast

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Over the past number of years as I’ve facilitated workshops around the country, I’ve been asked, “where is your book” or “how can we take this conversation further.” Since talking is much more my forte than writing, I’ve teamed up with Ryan Garza, of Twin Cities Pride podcast fame, to create The Beth Zemsky Podcast.

Each month Ryan and I will talk about my ideas about intersectional movement building and how to make systemic change towards equity. I will reference examples from my work in various environments such as non-profits, foundations, faith-based settings, and progressive social change organizations. In addition, in each episode we will spend some time analyzing the current political landscape through this lens of intersectional movement building.

My hope is that these discussions provide some resources for a deeper understanding of the political forces at play and how to gear our work toward proactively creating the kind of long-term change we wish to see for our communities.