The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 11

Healing Justice with Susan Raffo

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In this episode, we sit down with my longtime beloved friend and colleague, Susan Raffo to talk about Healing Justice. This conversation with Susan about the concept, history, legacy and integration of healing justice into our social justice movements has been on my podcast bucket list for a long time. I am grateful to Susan for her work to expand the presence of healing justice in our movements and her willingness to sit down to have this conversation with me and all of you.

Specifically, we talk about how healing justice is rooted in the ancient wisdom of cultures around the world, how healing has traditionally been understood in Western and American society, and the visibility Southern Queer Black women brought to healing justice as a intervention to combat the lasting effects of the legacy of slavery. Susan offers some perspectives regarding collective and individual healing and suggests a few ways that practitioners of all kinds can integrate Healing Justice concepts into their work and how anyone can implement healing justice into their daily lives.