The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 12

The Power of Community Spaces in Movement Building with Rox Anderson

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In this episode, I sit down with longtime friend and comrade Rox Anderson, Director of the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition and Rare Productions. We touch briefly on a few of the complexities surrounding the recent events involving Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar and talk about how moments like these can be leveraged by outside forces to create polarization and division between and within various marginalized communities.

We then discuss Rox’s recently awarded Bush Fellowship, their vision for an LGBTQ Center in Minneapolis, their work addressing inequities within LGBTQ POC communities, a brand new comic book in the works featuring real-life Transgender-identified superheros and much more.

Finally, we end the episode with some information about my next workshop Facilitating Cultural Change (co-facilitated with Phyllis Braxton) and reveal some big news about my upcoming birthday bash/fundraiser! It’s scheduled for May 30th with a long-term friends Rebecca Voelkel and Barbara Satin who will also be celebrating milestone birthdays.