The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 13

Activism and Legacy with Barbara Satin and Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel

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Buckle up for an all-star edition of the podcast as I am joined by community icon Barbara Satin and welcome back Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel. Together, we reflect on our collective 195 years of service and activism as we approach our triple birthday bash and fundraiser for the National LGBTQ Task Force on May 30th, 2019.

During the episode, we talk about what brought each of us to activism so many years ago, some of our earliest activist experiences, how those early experiences shaped who we are now, and our thoughts on the future of the Progressive movement. We also discuss the importance of recognizing the shoulders upon which each of us stand, carrying the mantle and memory of those we met along the way, and the process of realizing and learning to accept our eventual status as “role models” to the next generations of activists. We also dig into our tendency to sometimes “silo” ourselves into issues, ideologies, and generations, and about the power and importance in breaking through these barriers. We wrap up with thoughts on the legacies that we each wish to leave, along with an assurance that none of us are anywhere near finished yet.