The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 20

Public Allies Twin Cities 10th Anniversary

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In this episode, I connect with longtime friends and colleagues Antonio Cardona, LaCora Bradford Kesti, and Ernest Comer to celebrate 10 years of Public Allies Twin Cities Public Allies is a social justice organization committed to changing the face and practice of leadership by recruiting and training talented young leaders. It has been my honor to witness the deep organizing across race, class, and sexuality that Public Allies, and the young leaders they have trained, have brought to our movements for justice.

Listen as we discuss the origin of Public Allies Twin Cities, how my involvement with the organization has coincided with key movement moments over the past decade, and the impact that bringing together a BIPOC community of youth leaders has had on us and our communities.

We also discuss how the current movement moment is affecting us, how internalized oppression might impact the pressure we feel to do it all, and the importance of healing and self care as we ride the waves movement building for the long-term

Finally, we talk about what is next for Antonio, Ernest, and LaCora and how the influence of Public Allies continues.

Click the links to learn more about Ernest’s book, LaCora and Ernest’s work on Black Centered Design, more about the African American Leadership Forum and Antonio’s work at Pillsbury United Communities.