The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 26

With colleagues Athena Adkins and Liz Loeb

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In this episode I am joined by my friends and colleagues Athena Adkins and Liz Loeb to discuss our excitement about facilitating our upcoming workshop – Facilitating Cultural Change (FCC): Leadership for Social & Systems Change. This advanced 5 day in-person institute, held in the Twin Cities, June 12 – 16, 2023, is designed for people who long to have greater impact towards cultural, systematic, and transformational change in our relationships, organizations, and communities.

We discuss what brought us to construct this workshop, an overview of the components of the FCC experience, and some detail about the content and process of the curriculum. We would love to have to you join us for FCC 2023 as we practice noticing, naming, framing and navigating across differences to create systemic transformational change we can bring to scale. Whether or not you will be able to join us this year, our hope is that this podcast will give you a taste of the FCC experience,