The Beth Zemsky Podcast: Episode 5

Intercultural Organizational Development and Systems Change with Phyllis Braxton

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In this fifth episode, Ryan and I are joined by my dear friend and colleague Phyllis Braxton. Phyllis and I have been co-facilitating and collaborating for over 17 years. She is an educator, trainer, community builder and a talented facilitator of deep conversations about racial equity. Phyllis is also an instructor in line dancing and stepping, empowering community through movement. For more about Phyllis go to:

During our discussion, Phyllis and I talk about how organizations can work towards equity and impact their communities through applying an intercultural developmental lens during this time of deep polarization. We also discuss how to sustain ourselves for the long-term as we work to create the world we most deeply desire.

As we close 2017, with all its trauma and resistance, I hope these podcasts have provided some useful framing and strategies for how to move our movements forward. I am looking forward to continuing our journey together in 2018.