How To Build a Movement video

As organizers, we know that our work is built on relationships, interconnection and focused on making significant systemic change. Why then, is it sometimes so hard to explain what we do? In this video Beth describes the difference between a movement and a campaign and how they are used to motivate involvement and build power. In just two minutes, she offers a frame and a clear analysis of what movement work is, why it matters, and how we can amplify our impact in the world by choosing effective narratives that lift up our values and our interdependence. This video is a must-see for anyone doing work in social movements, and for anyone training organizers to think beyond campaigns and towards movement-building. Special thanks go to Team Dynamics for their prodding, partnership, and support to create this video.

Here is what Beth’s friend and colleague Liz Loeb as to say about the video –

“Beth Zemsky brings decades of wisdom, practical experience, and necessary chutzpah to the work of supporting social movements based in our values and in our interdependence. As a movement leader with a national reputation, Beth is known for her humor, her insight, and her clarity about the power of narrative and worldview. In this new video, Beth distills the secret sauce that powers social movements beyond campaigns and beyond a rigid mentality of win or lose. In just over two minutes, Beth illustrates how movements work, why they matter, and how organizers can increase their impact by grounding their stories in a larger view of movement-building. This video is perfect for trainers, facilitators, organizers, grassroots leaders, and for anyone working in the world towards justice and liberation.”