Facing Change Building Board Diversity: Attraction

Part 1 for a series of webinars with the American Association of Museums focusing on attracting racially and ethnically diverse Board members. How do you build knowledge and interest in your organization? What has your organization done to “sell” itself to communities not currently engaged?

How To Build a Movement video

As organizers, we know that our work is built on relationships, interconnection and focused on making significant systemic change. Why then, is it sometimes so hard to explain what we do? In this video Beth describes the difference between a movement and a campaign and how they are used to motivate involvement and build power.

Birthday Bash Celebrating 195 years of Activism: Beth’s Remarks

Beth Zemsky, Rebecca Voelkel and Barbara Satin celebrated their 60th, 50th, and 85th birthdays and their collective 195 years of activism on May 30, 2019, during an event hosted by the National LGBTQ Taskforce at the Dodge Nature Center in West Saint Paul, MN. In this video you can watch the event slideshow and hear Beth’s remarks. To read Rebecca and Barbara’s remarks, continue below.

Intercultural Definitions

When we start conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion – I find that it’s really helpful that we actually define what we are talking about so that we have shared meaning among ourselves.